In one one-millionth of a second the sun produces as much energy as the United States consumes in an entire year. Our current state of energy creation and harnessing is sadly inefficient. In a thousand years man (homo evolutis?) will look back and chuckle at our primitive ways!

Our attempts to use nuclear energy comically results in us simply producing high tech steam turbines...but it is the best we can do- for now.

The United States is currently facing a troubling reality. Many of the nuclear power plants used and depended on for the generation of electricity are coming up on end-of-life rebuilds.

The cooling systems for nuclear power plants make use of many castings, with silicon bronze being a popular choice. Recent rebuilds have shown that the quality of castings produced using traditional methodologies is horrendously subpar. Detailed x-ray analysis shows an enormous population of 'gas', 'cracks' and 'microporosity'. Liquid silicon bronze is notorious for the rapidly forming films of oxides and silicates present on the suface of the melt. Entrainment of these films into the bulk flow during the pour populates the castings with millions of pre-existing 'cracks.' These 'cracks' originate as entrained oxide films that prevent localized metallic bonding and serve as locations of decoherence within the metallic matrix. ALL CASTINGS poured using traditional techniques suffer from this condition. With this reality stated, it must also be throughly understood that it is these entrained oxide films and air bubbles that are the causes of all of the 'gas', 'cracks', 'hot-tears', and 'microporosity' encountered in these components.

It is for this reason that the industry is turning to CAF Innovative Shapecasting™ to completely reengineer the casting methods for these castings. There is only one way to produce a gravity sand casting in silicon bronze free of cracks, microporosity and gas defects: the Functional Counter-Gravity™ Shapecasting Technology pioneered and perfected by CAF. This technology produces results forever believed to be unattainable.

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