About us

about us

CAF Shapecasting

imagethe world's best castings - the first time, every time.

Our five acre property at 458 Dobbie Drive in Cambridge, Ontario Canada is home to our casting facility: the world's premiere producer of castings. Our proprietary Functional Counter-Gravity™ technology produces cast metal components with unmatched value, quality and reliability. What's more, our technology is universally applied to the shapecasting of all of the engineering materials used by industry.

Successful operational execution necessarily requires extraordinary measures; and we have such requirements uniquely met! In addition to our bleeding-edge proprietary Functional Counter-Gravity™ technology we have what we believe to be the world's best Operations and Technology leadership team.

Our team is young, aggressive, innovative, and ideally positioned with honours graduates in specific fields manning every critical post. We are specialists, not generalists.

We produce castings from 1-10,000 lbs. in small, medium and large run quantities. Our ISO 9001 accredited, Bureau Veritas, ABS and DNV certified quality systems work in concert with our standard operating and quality operating procedures to control our process minute-to-minute.

We leverage modern, refined virtual manufacturing techniques based upon our design heuristics and algorithm-based methoding routines to produce the world's best castings - the first time, every time.